Automatic quote of post in reply field

Today I started getting a quote of the text automatically populating the reply field. Is this a new feature or did I screw something up?


See this post :slight_smile:

Thanks, I missed it somehow.

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David, there’s a bug in that it doesn’t work on the last reply of a topic. The reply to the last comment in a topic does not quote anything. It behaves like the yellow reply button.

This is actually intentional behavior since the text is right above your reply in that case it’s not necessary, and it prevents quoting the original topic if someone clicks that reply button and there are no other replies yet.

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Hey David. Thanks for setting this up, seems like a great idea and from the others I’ve seen, it is working well. However, I am feeling really “not so techy” because I can not seem to get this to work? When I click on the “grey” reply, regardless of where it is located in the responses, I get the “normal” response box with no quote?? Help?? Thank you.

That is quite odd Linda, what browser are you using? Out of curiosity, if you first select the text from the person a quote button should pop up, if you click that do you then get the quoted text in the composer?

Hey David, I am using Chrome but have “Duck Duck Go” also. And yes, when I select text and click “quote” that quoted text will appear in the reply box. Is that the same thing?

You might try Firefox, but it should be working in Chrome. Selecting the text and clicking quote achieves the same thing, just one more step of selecting first.

Ok, got it David. Thanks for your help. Take care.

Ok, not really sure what I did different, but, clearly it is working. . …as they say; “operator error” :persevere:. . … thanks again David.

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