AuTrane River

This is another picture I made during my fall trip in Upper Michigan while hiking along the AuTrane River. One of my favorite places to visit while in the U.P.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
Canon 5D4, 16-35 F/4 L @ 22mm, ISO 100, F/16 at 2 sec.

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Beautiful, Nick! Excellent composition. What I find so appealing is the incredible depth.

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Really nice autumn image Nick, the choice of a panoramic crop works great for this scene. The exaggerated V shape of the river just pulls your eye into the wonderful warm, soft light in the background. Looks like you had a great vantage point to get down low to the river, which creates a nice perspective.

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Great dreamy mood and perspective. It provides a fine sense of mystery about what lies up river.

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Nick, what a beautiful peaceful scene. I love the light through the trees and wish I was going down the river just to experience it. Great image.

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Thanks so much guys! So glad you like it. Thinking about doing a large metal print of it now.
Merry Christmas and wishing all of you a great New Year. Cheers!

I really like this image Nick. One of your recent best. Have to agree with Ed that the panoramic format gives it that sweeping broad view that funnels out into the foliage. Just love it. I think if you posted this in the critique gallery you would get more comments.

Thanks Igor! I really appreciate that. I’ll try the critique gallery with the next one. I haven’t put anything in that gallery yet. Thanks, Nick

I have always found your work to be very inspiring. I suppose it is the sense of truth and connection with the landscape that is so evident. This one fits right alongside the other beauties you have created over the years.

Anil, That means so much to me. Thank you! Nick

Nick, there is a wonderful sense of depth and gentle flow to this image for me. Your framing of the river is excellent in my opinion, and the subtle autumn colors add a lot.


Hey Peter, Thank you so much! So glad you like it. Hope you guys are doing well. I’m waiting for snow here!