Autumn evening

A peaceful evening right next to the Russian border (200m)

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Five picture hdr. Nikon D750 / Tamron 17-35 OSD + Nisi landscape cpl + Benro nd 1,2 and Nisi medium gnd 0,9


This is a terrific composition, Jorma. I like the tree pointing into the scene towards the sunset. I wouldn’t change the comp at all. I do feel that the HDR effect took some of the contrast from the image. Especially on the trees to the left. I think you could brush in more contrast in those areas and come away with an even more dramatic image. Still, it’s wonderful as is too.

Hey Jorma! Wow that light is wild. I love when the sky explodes with color like that. The calm waters reflecting the color really amplify that energy in the scene, so I love that about the image. Two things I would consider. One, the shoreline in the bottom right is a little distracting and takes away from the calm serenity of the smooth reflecting water. Second, the shadows are slightly bright and could be darkened some. Really lovely scene!

Hi Jorma. I agree with the David’s, it’s a beautiful scene. I love a good reflection. Looks like that lake was glass. I do think the HDR has made the background shoreline too light and it’s distracting to me, I think darkening it would correct that and not take anything from the image.

Thanks a lot guys. Easily get photos that are too light when I post them on the internet. For example, the picture on Instagram gets a lot lighter. I filed a little and now it looks better

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That looks perfect to me Jorma. Very nice shot.

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Lovely scene.
I like the way you processed the colors here. The elements all seem to work well together. My only thing is it “feels” slightly leaning left for some reason but I don’t think it is! Strange effect!

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