Autumn like spring

Sometimes autumn looks like spring with all these colors

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This is really, really nice. I am really drawn to the somber feel and of course I really enjoy that splash of colour in the leaves.

I think you have that backwards Ben, didn’t you read my article about spring foliage :wink:
However, I think the partially bare branches do contain an echo of the spring season.

I like the overall composition, and the way that you have filled negative space in the image with the main tree and the green one to the right. I also like the repetition of the orange colors of the leaves on the tree and on the ground.

My only nitpick is that there is an out of focus branch that cuts across the bottom of the “Y” junction in the tree, you might be able to clone that away if you do it carefully.


I like what you’ve seen here and the light and the back lit leaves are quite beautiful; and again, you’ve created wonderful mood and atmosphere.

I think though, that the tree is just too dominant here; the lack of details and literally the space the trunk takes up I think competes too much with what you were seeing and experiencing. And unfortunately, cropping the bottom out doesn’t help - it only makes the tree trunk bigger…

You consistently nail the light and mood, even with this image here. But for this time, this image, I think the tree kinda knocks that mood down a bit. Hope that makes sense.


Sometimes when an image is displayed it is revealed top to bottom and you have a natural rolling crop to consider. I would suggest a crop off the bottom to where the colored leaves start. I feel that the heaviness that the dark trunk brings to the image is the point of the image and would not lighten it up.

Viewed from an iPhone.

@Ed_McGuirk, @Igor_Doncov, @Tom_Nevesely, @Lon_Overacker.
It’s good to see all the different interpretations . Has a tree trunk a function, what about the leaves at the bottom. I experience that most of the time it’s personal.
I think every season has it’s color, but maybe in the autumn you have to be surching more for them.
Love your comments and advice .