Autumn Medley

I didn’t take as many “grand” landscape images this fall, but a few scenes I just couldn’t resist. This classic scene of fading sunlight striking the Elk Mts just was too good to pass up. I had been to this place before, but knew of my limitations for ground based photography. Thus, I launched my quadcopter to get the perspective. It definitely was a memorable evening as it was my last fall photo shoot for this year. 11 months until fall returns!

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Wow, that is a beautiful tapestry of color. Paired with the warm light on the peak in the BG, it is a stunning scene.

I have no problem with a clear sky, but in my opinion there is a tad too much here. Everything else is so strong, that dedicating the full top 3rd to the sky seems to detract from all the good stuff in the bottom 2/3rds. If it were mine, I’d crop the frame right above the small clouds.

Great stuff!

Edit: My apologies for the critique in the non-critique gallery. Still getting comfortable with the site.

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Thanks Joel for stopping by to comment; appreciate it!

Ken, grand and spectacular autumn landscape. What an expanse. Sure don’t get that in CA…

Spectacular light and color here Ken, a great place to use the drone. It always amazes me to see the patterns of yellow and green in aspen groves. The swath of green aspen in the LRC makes this a much more dynamic image than if it had been all yellow. And the reds from the oaks don’t hurt either !

The sense of depth created by this perspective is outstanding.

A special image with the altered perspective from the air. Nicely seen and captured.

Thanks, NPNers for the comments. And, Joel, no problem on the critique. Yes, I do like it cropped at the top and debated that when I processed this image. I just was concerned about enough cutting pixels too many pixels if I ever printed this large.