Autumn pastels

This was one of a series of photos taken in Vermont well after peak fall colors. I thought the subtle colorations were well worth looking at, too.

f/6.3, 110 mm lens (crop sensor), 1/200 s, ISO 800

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


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I think past peak fall season is extremely beautiful and I think this scene has a lot of potentials, Gaurav. But I think this needs a little bit more light to bring out the texture in the barren trees.

That’s a take on it I hadn’t considered, thank you! I had felt that the main substance of the photo was the arrangement of colors amid the brown barren trees (plus the slope and color contrast with the background), so too much detail on the trees would distract from that. I’m going to take another look at it with your advice, and the other photos in this series.

Again, I always appreciate your input!


Honestly, the smaller version and preview weren’t drawing me in as this colors looked muted and kinda flat - I think just as Adhika reacted and then suggesting more light or luminosity.

Having said that and after viewing a number of times and especially the larger, opened-up view - I think those subtle colors and state of autumn captured here is quite beautiful. I could see spending a good amount of time here with a zoom lens - picking apart the landscape with some very impressionistic images.

While the blue-ish/purple pastel of the background almost seems a bit unnatural, I think it fits beautifully in this scene and certainly contributes to your pastel colored autumn theme.

The one element that detracts for me are the light trunks of the tree in the LRC. Not a huge deal, but an eye magnet that detracts from the subtle and softer details of the rest of the scene. So I thought I would offer up my impression.

Other than a crop (still don’t think the bottom edge is the cleanest,) I did use a channels selection for the yellows and bumped up the saturation and brightness of the yellow trees - the ones with some leaves still left. It’s very subtle, but I think helps separate the colors just a tad more.
Not sure if this fits your vision, but I see great potential not only within this image, but in that scene in general.

Great eye and job recognizing the opportunity.


@Lon_Overacker, thank you. I like your crop better than mine. Cropping was a recurring problem in this set of photos: there was no natural frame or borders that seemed to work well, so I especially appreciate your input. I did in fact spend some time at longer focal lengths trying to pick out some of the features in more detail, please see below.

I also think the further saturation is probably a good thing, although my preference would be less than what was done in this case.

@Adhika_Lie, @Lon_Overacker, here are a couple of other photos from that series that might work better. Please do let me know what you think.