Autumn trees

A few weeks ago I visited relatives, and just took some time close to the sunset to go down to a nearby creek to take some images. The creek images where not that good, instead I liked this small scene of autumn trees.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f/14, 1/30, ISO 800, Olympus lens 75 mm (150 mm equiv.), travel camera Olympus PEN E-P7

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Ola, I really like the balance in this image. The main smaller tree “framed” by the two larger ones. I think it works quite well. While some might say it’s a bit dark, I like it as it is. Nice work.

I will have to echo @David_Bostock’s thoughts on this lovely image, Ola. The back lighting does a fantastic job of high lighting the leaves and the field beyond. Very nicely done!

A great little scene. The way the light transitions from shade to full sun works without being overwhelming. I also like the green and yellow mix in the leaves - it also speaks of transition. There’s also a nice sense of movement - both a person moving by the scene, taking it in as a part of a stroll and a whole experience, but also one of the trees themselves in the breeze.

I also agree with David, it’s that small tree in the center that makes composition work.

I guess you really do like leaves Ola, the tree trunks add structure to the composition, but for me the leaves are the star of the show. In fact, the way the leaves pop out against the darkness at the top almost reminds me of a field of stars. I like this image very much.

My only suggested tweak would be to very slightly increase the warmth of the White Balance in the top half of the scene, for a little extra pop in the yellow leaves.

@Kris_Smith, @David_Bostock, @Ed_McGuirk and @Ed_Lowe thanks for your kind comments.

Thanks for the advice, I will try that.

As the others have said, a beautiful small scene. These kinds of woodland images are difficult to distill down to something something simple. I struggle with these, but you’ve done it very very well!

@Mark_Muller thanks for taking your time looking at my image. Glad you liked it. One thing that I have learned hands on during my first year at NPN, looking at images posted by others, is the importance of light (quality, direction, dark and light areas etc.). So I try to pay more attention to that in the field and during post-processing.