Autumn waterfall #3

Here is the third and last waterfall image from the September workshop in Härjedalen, Sweden. This is from the creek Tevån, that have a number of small falls.

Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

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Ola, this is an intriguing view. The shrub in the center with it’s fall colors starting makes a good center piece, set off well by the white water behind. The vegetation along the bottom and right frames the view nicely. The visual surprise is that the water is flowing out the top and that surprise adds some extra interest, making the viewer spend a bit more time looking and thinking about what’s being shown.

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This is a very powerful composition, Ola. The leaves/branches framed by the grasses and the waterfall are fantastic. Excellent.

Wonderful image. I love that it’s very unique. The fall colors and grass are lovely and to have a beautiful waterfall behind the FG just tops it off. Stretching to find something maybe that one bare stem that’s on the left side of the fall leaves could be cloned out. I don’t find that it does anything for the photo. Very nice composition.


I love the centerpiece offset by the bg rushing water; the autumn leaves stand out beautifully.

I like the other elements as the eye explores the outer edges. At the same time it becomes a bit busier.

Not sure if any crops would make for a better image; certainly alternate views to consider. I see a vertical crop around the center leaves. But also see square crops focusing on the right and another a left view.

As presented, this is a great find and a lovely image. Color, sat and processing look great.


I think it’s been said by others here. The vibrance of that center plant offset by the drama of the water on the upper left makes this image. There is also the cool vs warm going on here. The bottom and the right diminish the image but I see no crop that keep the main elements and still retain a compositional balance. With running water and a slow ss you never know what you’re going to get and coming up with a good composition before taking the image becomes very difficult.

You have a terrific little tree sapling in the center of the image offset by a bright white background. I love the soft, just starting to turn colors in that sapling. You did well to frame this very complex scene. It is very busy but at the same time there is that tranquil center piece. I’m trying to think of ways to eliminate some of the business but am having a hard time with it. What you have here may simply be the best option. I’m thinking of a square crop and also a vertical crop:

I’m not sure either are better. Just different. Regardless, I’m rather enjoying the tranquility of this small scene.

@David_Haynes, @David_Bostock, @Lon_Overacker, @Igor_Doncov, @Mark_Seaver and @Donna_Callais thanks for your kind comments and advice. David, thanks for taking your time to provide examples of other possible crops.

Some mixed opinions on the grass framing at the bottom and to the right. I intentionally included these parts, but I have now realized that it could be worth to explore other crops.

I will investigate and come back with a rework if I found something worth posting.