Autumn's mood

As the cold days of winter approach northern Utah, it is with great nostalgia I look back at the season that has rapidly come and gone with such haste. But it did leave us with moments of glory and sights of to stagger the eye and touch the soul…autumn’s mood.

Fuji XT2/Fuji 55-200mm Adobe Lightroom/ColorEfex Pro

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Hey, Mark. It’s good to see you around here again! Wonderful mood and color here.

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Thanks Preston! How goes it? Man, I’ve finally moved back to the states in July of 2014 after 22 years overseas. Living in northern Utah now.

Love the dreamy look of this one!

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Enchanting comes to mind first thing… Dreamy as Prajit writes fits as well.


Thank you for the comment!


Cheers Lon! I appreciate it.


Wow! marvelous colors indeed!

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This looks like some of the Albert Bierstadt paintings that I saw in a Hudson River School exhibit in a museum yesterday. Very nice…

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Big Cottonwood in northern Utah. You get show when autumn rolls through.



Thanks Ed! I felt from the jump this demanded more of a painterly feel than anything else.


Stunning capture Mark. It has a wonderful ethereal quality that makes me want to keep looking more!

Thanks Zach! I love autumn in Utah!


Great use of the orton here. Nicely seen.


Thanks Aaraon!


This is as beautiful as fall color gets. Excellent work Mark.

Thanks Richard and a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!