Azaleas & Ferns

I had originally posted this image over in Flora, but it is one of my favorites of 2018 so I thought I would post it in the WC. I had tried to get this image for the last couple of years and had no luck as the weather never cooperated and the azalea blooms do not last long, so I was happy to catch it this year.

Thanks for taking a look and leaving a thought.

Nikon D800, Nikon 35-70 @ 44 mm, f 18 @ 1/5 sec, ISO 200, MLU, CPL, cable release & tripod

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Nor do the ferns last long at that lovely pristine state, Ed. I really love this composition. Well done.

Love all the colors and detail in this, Ed. The large version is particularly nice! One of the things I appreciate is that you used a very narrow aperture so that everything on the surface is in focus. That’s a rarity in most shots I’ve seen of this type.

The mix of pink and greens looks great, Ed. Definitely a beauty. So many images depend on things that are out of the control of the photog (lighting, blooms, weather, events, etc.), the challenge of dealing with that variability is part of what makes nature photography fun and keep me going back to familiar places.

Great intimate shot with broad focus. Well done. Very lovely.
I wonder if the balance of elements could be improved by moving slightly left of where this image was shot but keeping the center of the new composition where this one is. In other words, a slight clockwise rotation that would have the form of the ferns project into the frame more from the bottom than from the corner of the frame, but not entirely from the bottom. Perhaps only 10 or so degrees.

Thanks for your thoughts guys @Dennis_Plank, @Gary_Minish, @Mark_Seaver and @Matt_Lancaster. I am glad you enjoyed the image.
@Matt_Lancaster: I did not get any images of what you are describing, but I will give that a try when they bloom in May.

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