B-A-N-G! Bull's eye

B-A-N-G! Spot on this time…![:wink:|

A Grey Heron fishing by standing on a hippo’s back, as he hammers a small Tilapia… ![:flushed:|

Grey Herons love to use hippos as fishing platforms, because hippos shuffle the feet and disturb the mud, which disturbs little organisms which little fish feed on…![:wink:|

Hippos also defecate in the water, and as the dung is spread around by their wagging tails, the little fish dart in to eat the bits, and make easy targets for wily Grey Herons who spear them!![:flushed:|

Sony A9i / Sony 400mm f2.8 +2xTC

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Great moment. I like this a lot. Maybe I’d add just a touch on the right edge? Talk about right place/right time!