Baby Moose in western Maine

Description: I like the late afternoon sun light just right as Moose calf turns around. Of course I needed no motivation to photograph this subject I was just grateful this calf allowed me the time I needed to capture the moment. I was out birding so my camera and lens were set for warblers.

My camera equipment was D500 Nikon with 500mm 5/6 lens, settings; 1/1600 sec, f7.1, 25600 ISO, Manual starting setting ISO at 100. I was out birding and typical setting are 1600 sec, manual, ISO100.

Specific Feedback Requested: If I had know I would be photographing a baby moose standing still what setting would you have suggested? Thank you

Pertinent technical details or techniques: What I would change would be not cutting off the feet, I also removed some twig branches that were near his nose and a horsefly on his nose and a few flies on his butt. I was out birding so my camera and lens were set for warblers.

Is this a composite? Not sure what this questions is asking “is this a composite”?

Not sure how I tag my image with the ‘ig’ for Instagram ?

Please let me know if I created this post correctly as this is my first post in the Wildlife Critiques since re-joining about 1 month ago. Thank you.

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Nice capture of a cute Moose!

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It’s a cool looking back pose from the baby Moose, would prefer to see complete legs.

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Composite means is this an image where you brought in elements from another image, such as photoshopping a colorful sky into an image with a dull sky. This is not a composite, unless the moose wasn’t there :grinning:

When you post an image you can add tags to the image, in the upper right corner of the posting box. A dropdown box will appear with various pre-loaded tags, including IG, or what region this is from etc.

Agree this is a cute pose, I always love the looking back over the shoulder look in wildlife. The exposure, color and processing look fine. You have good eye contact with the moose. However, I agree that the image would be much stronger if the animals feet were not cut off, it looks a bit awkward that way.

Thank you Ed. I appreciate your time and knowledge.