Back lighting

![Back lighting]

This Egret had just left the shore and by the time I turned the Zodiac around for a head on shot, it left the branch. The photograph was taken on July 15 at 7:50 AM on theOne Mile River.
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Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon 100-500mm & 1.4ext, f8, 420mm, -1.3 EV,1/1600, ISO 1000. The shot is cropped by 60% and I adjusted the exposure, highlights, and midtones in DXO Photo Lab 5.

I really like the shadows behind the backlit wings. Nice composition with the diagonal elements.

Nice extended wing position . The light coming through the wings brings out some nice detail. Also like the perch it took off from.

Hi David and Allen
Allen that is where the Egret will land. I will post the take off from the beach later.
Ps thank you for the comments.