Back River, Boothbay, Maine Infrared

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This is an infrared image taken with a Canon Power Shot A640 and a 72 infrared filter several years ago.

I used to dabble in film infrared back in the day and liked the look. I recently purchased a converted Canon ELPH 180 with 820 IR filter to further experiment with this technique. More to come when things turn green in the spring.

Thanks for having a look.

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An excellent Infrared image Eva, I always love how IR makes the leaves on trees look. Good to see you posting again too. I think you have nailed the processing here, exposure and contrast look good. The sky and clouds look great. I look forward to seeing more of your IR work after this Spring.

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Eva, thanks for posting this IR scene. It is not a format I have ever experimented with but I love the results! Well done!

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Thanks so much Ed and Alan for having a look and for your comments.

An intriguing view, Eva. My thought from the thumb was that this showed the results of one of your recent snow storms with all of the white on the trees. The whiteness of the trees lets them stand out very well and matches their luminosity nicely with the clouds.

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I love the photo, well done. I’ve also never dabbled in IR. It’s interesting, I was just at the Ansel Adams gallery looking at his photos and realized how much of the light in his editing is totally “unrealistic”. If the master can have crazy dark skies, why not white trees?

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Lovely IR scene, Eva. I did some film IR more than thirty years ago and gave up, as I was never able to predict what I was going to get, focusing was always an iffy proposition, and handling and developing the film was a pain. More recently I did some digital IR and it is a new world - none of those issues exist anymore (live view is awesome). Looking forward to the spring images!

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Thanks Mark, Tony, and Alberto. Appreciate your time to have a look and comment.