Bad a Ghaill Copper

Bad a Ghaill, Inverpolly, Scotland

I reckon almost 80% of my landscape shots including intimate studies feature water in one form or other. This then is a relatively rare shot that has no water featured anywhere which means organising the complex land forms into appealing shapes becomes paramount in a cohesive composition. Stac Pollaidh is gloriously rendered in a copper cloak of deer grass which marches up the slopes but it is the quality of light and the shadows beneath that murky blue toned sky that define the shapes which otherwise would remain flat and two dimensional.

Ian, I really appreciate this composition and the colors as you have described the cool sky and contrasting warm rocks and grasses. I have not visited Scotland and would have guessed this scene was from the SW US. Beautifully presented! My only suggestion would be to consider cropping off the partial boulder from the bottom of the frame . I assume it was intentional, but for me it’s a minor distraction.
Nicely done!

I’m glad that you hit a "dry spell’ Ian, this is a wonderful image. The light here is gorgeous, and it brings out the colors in the rocks and grasses. Your processing has captured out the full richness of this scene. I am a big lichen fan, and I really like how the lichen adds a lot of character and a splash of color to the foreground rocks. My only suggestion is that I think a slight crop from the top would increase the presence of the mountain. But that is a real nit, this is a really great image.

Hi Alan

It was intentional to leave it but more out of necessity than design, I ummed and arghed over it at the time of taking but I just couldn’t bring myself to shave off to the bit between the rock and the slabs as it felt too narrow a gap. I could of course lose it with a bit of artistic license in Photoshop but I have always been averse to doing so. I do think a slight crop to the sky would have been a reasonable modification though.

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Love the light and the warmth you’ve captured. Love cool/warm contrast as well with the somewhat gloomy clouds.

I was seeing your predicament with the rock even before your explanation. I love the grasses below the rock and a crop just wouldn’t work (well, I would say it would make the image better for sure.) I can also understand your position on creative license with PS. Without that for me, the rock remains a classic eye magnet. Big deal? no. Would the image be better without the rounded stone at the bottom. It would for me anyway. Still, quite the lovely image.


Ian, thanks for the followup. I suspected that to be the case. I also am personally averse to that PS tool in this particular instance.
As I said, I still enjoy this image very much!

The warm glow of the rocks and grass is delightful especially against the steel blue of the sky Ian. The foreground boulder does not ruin the image for me.