Bandon Beach Twilight

Taken on my last trip along the Oregon Coast before Covid…

Bandon is my favorite location on the coast. I would move there if I could.

This was maybe 15-20 minutes before sunrise.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Fujifilm GFX 50S, GF32-64mm @ 32mm, 14 seconds @ f/22, ISO 100, Tripod, Polarizer.

I’ve reworked this several times because the far sea stacks always ended up with halos around them. Probably due to Highlight/Shadow adjustments. Once Capture One supported the Fujifilm cameras, I pulled this into it and worked with local adjustments and their new adjustment brush tools. I like the result much better.


You can’t go wrong with composition at Bandon. Thanks for sharing this image, David. It brings back a lot of memories shooting there.

You have to love the Oregon coast. This is beautiful.