Any and all feedback is appreciated.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I love this Chris. Beautiful light and a composition perfectly suited for a panoramic format, I’ve gotta make it over there. I just can’t handle the wind.

Chris, I love the simplicity of the scene and the wonderful mood you have created! It is not always easy to compose these types of scenes and you nailed it IMO. the processing is looks really sweet as well. Nice work!

You pretty much nailed it… There is so much there and so many comps but you had a nice sunset and made the most…very nice.

This is gorgeous Chris. The sea stacks are placed perfectly and I love sunset colors that you have presented here.

This is beautiful, Chris. Great job eliminating merges and lining up the stacks. Processing looks good except that there appears to be haloing around that larger stack.

I can’t wait to explore that region! On an iPhone it looks there’s some Banding in the sky. Adding some grain to that area can smooth out the transitions.

Chris the composition and mood of this image are outstanding, you have captured a nice twilight feeling here. I too notice some banding in the URC. I might also consider cooling down the shadows on the large seastack for some added color contrast.

Thank you!
I looked at what appeared to be banding in the right side sky too. But after a few looks at it, I decided it was caused by very thin fog/clouds atmospheric something. That’s what it looks like to me.

I’ll see about cooling the shadow area on the main stack.

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Chris, this is a great photo. I have a suggestion, in the “personal choice” category. Try experimenting with a little crop of the right side. The yellow glow of the sun ends before the right edge, so to me that area looks like dead space. Perhaps a crop halfway in the large rock on the right. That half rock would also balance the half rock on the left side and bring the tall stack closer to the center. Again, just a subjective preference. As is, it is a lovely photo.

Looks like a good suggestion, Tony!

Thanks!!! Will try and post an adjusted crop later.

Beautiful image and excellent work. I can’t think of anything to change or correct. Nailed it !!!


I like the subdued light a lot. Also impressed with the amount of detail in your dark rocks. That looks so much better than just having a silhouette. My only thought is that the top border feels a bit tight maybe. Though I also like the strong horizontal crop.


Really enjoying the atmosphere and the processing. I also like the longer exposure flattening out the ocean which contrast against the sharp contrast of the reflection on the beach.

I’m not quite sold on the composition. I know I’m going against the popular grain today, but for me, the vertical stack is a bit cramped at the top and goes against the mostly gentle horizontal comp. Do you have another version with more space above and at the bottom? I just think a bit more space all around will lessen the tension between the vertical subject and the horizontal presentation. Just my .02.