Earlier this week I spent the better part of the night at a barn waiting for Barn Owls. The farmer/owner/photographer has put lighting in place, which give enough light for decent shooting. The Owls already live there for years, and seem not disturbed by the light in any way.
Thanks for viewing and any feedback you may have !
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What technical feedback would you like if any?

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D4s with 300mm f2.8 | 1/160s | f5 | ISO2000 | underexposed 2FS | tripod & cable release

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Aren’t you blessed to have a farmer/owner/photographer friend that not only lets you shoot on his property, but provides the lighting! Great shot, Hans. He seems like he is totally content sitting in the window posing for you. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice weekend as well.

WOW. This is a very nice setting, especially the broken window, Hans. It’s amazing what you have achieved here even with 2EV under. If I may ask, what’s the reason for going f/5? I would have gone 2.8 given the lens that you have.

Hello, Adhika - the Owl usually sat only very briefly in the window, so I pre-focused on the edge of the broken window and then with f5 hoped the head/eyes would be sharp, since it would be slightly closer to my lens that the actual window edge… Hope I am clear :wink: . .

Hans, understood the need to prefocus! The focus here is perfect. Great work!!

Very intriguing image Hans. A great setting for this bird and the framing is terrific. Very well executed and composed.

Excellent, Hans. A classic Barn Owl residence. Much more photogenic than my box. The lighting is an interesting idea as ours are very much nocturnal and I rarely get a shot except once in a few years the juveniles will hang out in the trees for a day. You must have been able to get pretty close to get this frame with a 300 mm.

This is wonderful. Superb setting, pose, detail and eye contact. No nits here.