Barred Owl Food Exchange

Hi All,

Haven’t posted in a bit. Work got a little busy on me. Shot this just before my last post. Although I spent hours and hours with these owls over numerous years, this was the only food exchange I ever saw in the open. In post, I cropped a little bit, burned the perch and some hot owl feathers, sharpened, and reduced some of the blues/cyans. All C&C welcome.

500mm, handheld
ISO 1600

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A great behavioral shot, with nice detail in the owls. I wish the one’s eye was either fully closed or open. You might consider playing around with the sky so there is some luminosity contrast between the sky and owls.

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Nice action on the food transfer. I like that you had lots of dof and good shutter speed to capture the detail. Well done.

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Very good action, Lyle. The bright light is still showing through, but the action is certainly worth that minor issue. Very well done.

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