Basalt Chamber

This is the last of the Staffa pictures I will inflict on you. Again the basalt hexagonal cross section columns but this is the most celebrated bit of the island Mendelsohn even composed a piece of classical music for it, Fingals cave. There really is a bewildering mix of algae stained columns inside and as it is a sea cave the turquoise water forces its way up the gully along it’s 50 foot length and slops up the side walls.

Very cool Ian. It’s fascinating and spooky at the same time. Something good or something dangerous could be within. I prefer this one to the previous one because of how it plays with your imagination. There are a few hot spots here and there.

I would tone down some of the brighter areas and a 3 X 2 format would look better for me.
Cool subject and place.

This looks like such an interesting and mysterious place Ian. I like the mix of color especially the golden highlights in the upper right as well as your perspective.

Wow, very cool cave. The columnar basalt is so perfect! And the colors are really interesting - so varied. I might burn down some of the brightest highlights, such as the one near the LLC. That’s minor, though.

This is very cool Ian, and I like how each post from this location has progressively revealed a wider view. It sort of reminds of the pipes on a church organ. Really neat, than ks for sharing this series with us.