Beauty in Decay

I spotted this structure among the palms at our botanical garden
any critique appreciated

Pertinent technical details or techniques: f/5.6 1/200 sec iso 200 at 90 mm


Hi Richard,

This is really striking, the lighting is wonderful and the tones in the dead leaf really set it off.
The curves of the dead leaf work really well with the straight lines in the green leaves below.
The details of DOF are perfect in my opinion.

But, to me, this doesn’t really look “Ragged”, to me, it’s “Elegant” (as your title suggests).

Beautiful image! :slight_smile:

Oh what a great find and I like the way you’ve managed the DOF - nice fall off. The light is soft, but strong enough to bring up all that texture and undulating flow to the leaves. A nice addition to this challenge. Wonder about possible crop/inclusion options. It’s centered and slightly static - just wondering if even more of a sense of movement could be achieved with an off center presentation and maybe a horizontal flip.

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I love, love, love this! The lines and textures are superb. I think there is so much beauty in dried leaves and flowers. Very nice capture.

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Super love all a round

Thank you @Steve_Rosendahl @Merv @Kris_Smith @Chris_Baird for your comments. I will try going back to the original and cropping differently .

Wow! A very striking image with a lot of graphical impact as well as a story and history. Excellent exposure, focus, colors and framing. I wouldn’t change a thing! I love it! :+1: :clap:

I love this too. The nautilus shape is really beautiful. I’m glad you found this.

thanks @Gary_Minish and @Mark_Muller for your kind words.

Gorgeous sir. Reminds me of scroll work utilized in leather stamping/carving. Love the detail!

This is such a nice image, Richard. You nailed this one. :+1: :+1:

Thank you @Shirley_Freeman @John_Taylor for your kind comments.

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