Becalmed Loch Ba

Becalmed Loch Ba Loch Ba, Rannoch Moor, Scotland

A perfect mirror forms over Loch Ba one Spring evening a few minutes before the sun sets. I adore these tranquil moments the soft water colour hues and the sheer delicacy of the tracery of those reed stems in the reflection. A perfect mirror calls for perfect symmetry so the 50:50 split composition was carefully aligned.

Fuji XT-1, 18-55 zoom, 0.3ND Hard Grad, f/13 at 1/8 Second ISO 200

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Hi Ian - I like the soft, pastel color of the clouds and water. Lovely reflection too.

Wonderful image Ian, I love the layers, processing and the tranquil mood is just outstanding. Just a extremely minor nit, I would personally clone out some of the weeds touching the bottom of the frame of the image. This would also make a great pano IMHO.

Ian, I really like the simplicity of this image. Also, I’m really liking the reflected layers you have here. It’s a really neat look.

Thank you Blake. Your right of course I probably should lose that reed on the bottom edge but in truth I am not keen on cloning stuff out. I decided I couldn’t crop it without losing that wonderful symmetry, at least not without shaving an equal amount off the top, maybe the only real solution for me then is a symmetrical crop to make it more panoramic.

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Cool reflection @Ian_Cameron. I like the 50/50 split of the reflection here. As for way of ccI would like to have seen the mountains inset by a bit on both the right and left of the frame. I think this would allow some breathing space and also give the shot more of a focal point. I feel you are losing some of the impact of the mountains by not allowing them to taper to nothing.

A thought, if you ever shot this scene again would be to try with a longer lens to give more compression and give the mountains even more impact in the frame.

hi @Ian_Cameron,
i’d go with a panoramic crop here. neither the bottommost reeds nor the top of the sky add a lot to the image.

I think most reflection shots call for the 50/50 composition, Ian, but because of the FG, I must say that I prefer a slight crop from the top. I am finding myself really enjoying the reeds more than the reflection. Very very well done, I think.

Just superb, Ian - a photographic equivalent of a watercolour sketch with an abstract yet very natural feel to it.