Becoming a Nature First Partner

Hi Guys. How does one become a Nature First Partner? What is involved as for requirements, cost, etc?

Hi Bill, thanks for your interest in Nature First! It’s super easy to join up here: No costs, only a pledge to follow the Nature First principles in your photographic endeavors, and hopefully to help us all promote the movement.

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Oh, I see now you said “Partner”, not “Member”. Do you have an organization or business in mind?

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Hi Jack,

Yes, I have already joined as a member, but am interested in joining as a Partner as well.

I have 2 in mind, actually. First, my photo business (simply nature - Photographic Art by Bill Chambers), if that is allowed, and also Quayside Art Gallery. I am the Chairman of the Board of Pensacola Artists, Inc., which operates Quayside Art Gallery. We have 10-12 photographers in the gallery, 80% of which are nature photographers, and we are all very serious about ethical behavior in the field. I would like to post the logo and link on that website to let visitors know we, as a gallery, take the responsibility seriously.

Thanks for your quick response.

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Hi Bill, thanks for the clarification. I don’t think the photo business would fit the Partner purpose (after all, a lot of us have photo businesses). As for the gallery, I’d have to check with the others about this to see what the consensus is (keep in mind this is more of an informal alliance, not a formal organization with a hierarchy of management). My instinct here is that the Partners is more geared towards other organizations/alliances/networks (for example like Leave No Trace). In any case, I think it would be great to post the Nature First logo on the Quayside gallery site; the more we can promote this the better.

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Hey @Bill_Chambers we are actively discussing the partners aspect. @Jack_Brauer is right that it is mostly for organizations and alliance but we are also looking at camera companies, magazines and other businesses that serve the larger photo community. There’s a lot we still need to clarify including the boundaries. We’ll try and keep everyone in the loop as we work on developing this. If you have suggestions send them to



First of all THANK YOU for recognizing that this is something you want to do! I love that. I also really appreciate that you want to make it an expectation that your fellow artists follow the same principles. @Erik_Stensland may disagree with me, but I really think it could be pretty easy to say your gallery artists follow the principles, which could be a great selling point to buyers, etc.

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