Behavior when a reply has been posted

Previously when giving a reply the posting ended up on top of the latest view. That seems not to be the case now, is that intentionally or is something wrong?

I find that there are two views vying for dominance when you click Latest - the traditional grid with thumbnails and a big list of categories with a stack of smaller previews of threads. This latter view seems to miss latest replies as I think it doesn’t include Discussions. Will have to poke into it more, but I know what you mean.

A few things are going on here:

  • On the Latest page, everything rises to the top based upon the most recent reply.
  • In each individual category, for example, Image Critiques, the posts get sorted by the topic creation date. This ensures that popular images don’t dominate the feed and other members get proper attention on their images as well.
  • On the new homepage of Categories, the list of topics on the right is sorted by topic creation date as well. This can be changed to act like Latest if preferred. I don’t have a strong preference here since this view doesn’t show a thumbnail.

Hopefully, this helps clear things up. If there is a strong preference to change the categories view to show the topic with the most recent reply, I can change that easily.

Thanks for the clarification, David!

Personally I would support such a change.