Between Every Pine

This is an abstract ICM (intentional camera movement) image of pine trees in a small pine forest I’ve spent countless numbers of hours in the past couple years. These whispering pines are where I did a lot of my first ICM work and where I honed my hand-held ICM technique.

This image is from December and one of the last outings I had in this particular place with my dog before he passed away just a couple months later. This was our special place, and his spirit still whispers to me…calling me back to this place in memory. I hope you enjoy it.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

An in-camera, hand-held, vertical camera movement was used to create the effect.

EXIF data:
Canon G7X Mark II
ISO 400
37mm focal length


I really like the colors and textures of this image.

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Beautifully done, great colors and tones. Looks like a painting.

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Thanks so much, Richard @Richard_Teller and Stephen @Stephen_Stanton, for your kind thoughts on my image! I greatly appreciate your feedback. :slight_smile:


Love everything about this. Color has been mention - all complimentary. Of course these are not easy to recognize in real time, but you’ve chosen quite the perfect setting of trees, forest floor and background.

Well done, a beauty with just soft grace to it.


ps. very sorry about your loss. It’s never easy and most here know and understand…

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This is a really beautiful ICM image Stephanie. The tones and composition are especially well captured and thought out. Great work

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Very nice abstract. The color and lines are nicely realized.

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Despite the ICM the depth of the forest remains and the trees are grounded at the base. Well done!

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@Lon_Overacker, @Eugene_Theron, @Preston_Birdwell, @Patricia_Brundage

Lon, Eugene, Preston and Patricia, I apologize for not responding sooner. Things have been a bit hectic for me these past couple weeks, and I’ve not had a chance to spend any time on NPN.

I greatly appreciate your thoughtful comments and feedback about my image, though. Thank you so much for taking to have a look and respond. :slight_smile:

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