Beyond the boundaries of the sunlight there is the night

At the end of a long trekking on the hills over my town, Rimini, the sunset arrived. The dying sun created a last design at the boundery of its light while the night was already arrived.
I like the atmosphere and the natural stark contrast. I hope to read your opinion.
It is better to look at the image larger.

Is the contrast too stark?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

D850, Nikkor 70-200mm at 70mm - 1/15, f/11, ISO 100. Editing with Camera Raw and Photoshop fifty fifty

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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Without knowing the timing, this could also be the dawning of a new day with the golden light bringing a promise of a bright future. Regardless of interpretation it is a beautiful scene with gentle light on the hills. Love the textures the crops bring to the total feel of the image. Must be viewed LARGE.

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The golden streak of light is stunning Giuseppe. The golden points of light on the field are also attention getting. I like the diagonals too.

Patricia: 05/03/2021 at 7 PM, 45’, 39"; b ut I love your pink thouth that is also a good wish; for both?
Thanks Eva for your rewording comment.

From the small version I initially though this was an image of sand dunes. What a wonderful study of light Giuseppe. The contours and textures are so complementary. The hint of light in the URC is subtle but really adds to the image…nice work!

I like this image a lot! The light is just gorgeous, and so are the diagonals and colors. Great work. A minor comment, have you tried to lighten the darkest shadows just a tad?

Giuseppe, I wouldn’t change a thing. This is really well done. The feeling of peace and quiet at the end of the day. The darker areas are just fine to me and hint of nighttime coming. Excellent.

I agree with @Patricia_Brundage, this must be seen large to fully appreciate. A large print on the wall would be even better.

Wonderful!! I love the light, and the contrast seems perfect to me. I’m wondering about burning down the last light area parallel to the bottom of the frame.

Diane a good suggestion that I soon follow.

Thanks Mario Cornacchione, Ola Jovall, David Bostock for your rewarding comments.

This is so beautiful, Giuseppe! I love the deep, rich green. And all the shadows and bits of light and the background landscape in the gray dusk. It looks like an oil painting to me. It’s very beautiful and peaceful.

Outstanding use of light and shadow in this image Giuseppe, excellent work. This image has a very rich look that is like an oil painting. The way the subtle light is hitting the lower section of the hill is a nice complement to the stronger light hitting the crest of the hill.

My only suggestion would be a very slight crop from the top. There are a few trees there that are slightly cut off, I would make a crop that looks more deliberate. But that is a real nitpick, this is an outstanding image.

I tried Ed, it’s OK?
Thanks Vanessa Hill and Ed McGuirk for your comments and help.

Yes, that’s the crop that I had in mind. Just enough to eliminate the trees that were touching the top edge. I think it is a subtle, but helpful improvement.

Bonney Lampley and Ola Jovall have given to me a good suggestion about my last upload: “Trees and vineyards at sunset”: to cut the base made of grass intended to be un anchor for the image. It works very well and I thouth to do the same thing for this photo that have a quite similar base. If someone will see this replay can be so kind to tell me what he thinks about?

Please, no…
And (sorry, Diane) don’t burn it down…
I love this wonderful image most as it is presented the first time, except for the slight crop from the top.

@Giuseppe_Guadagno, I missed this somehow. It is very beautiful for its darkness and the little bit of light. Kind of mysterious, and really draws me in. Congratulations!