Big Boys, Small Toys

Couldn’t resist. I just thought this was close to hilarious. My wife and I were enjoying one of the most beautiful stretches on the entire Pacific Coast - along Sunset Drive in Pacific Grove (For reference, Pebble Beach and the 17-mile drive are just down the road…) And here we find these two guys playing with their remote control little 4x4’s… literally driving them all over these rocks - and doing a pretty good job going up and over the rocks in the background.

I know we all have our passions and hobbies (duh, photography?) but I can just imagine these guys planning trips to Yosemite to challenge their toys on granite boulders, or the Mesquite dunes in Death Valley… Hey, there’s some great boulders up on the Whitney Portal road… let’s go!

Anyway, just for fun. A slight modification of the phrase, "the only difference between men and boys - is the price of their toys.)

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Thanks for looking. Hope you get a little chuckle like I did.

This made me smile. They look so serious!

Lon: :grin::laughing: Of course you OTOH would have been perusing the surf and rocks for just the right composition and subject. Nicely seen and captured. >=))>

This is great Lon! Reminds me of one of my neighbors who bought his 10 year son one of those fast remote controlled cars. The thing is they tend to have trouble deciding who’s turn it is drive it! :laughing:

A great story here, Lon, definitely good for a big grin and much less environmentally destructive than the big versions of the toys.