Bighorn: dining in the sage

I spotted three Bighorn Rams along the highway leaving Gardiner. This one was a full curl Ram with lots of wear and tear on his horns. The other two were more “3/4 curl” Rams who still had sharply pointed horns. They were moving in and out of the sage brush, mostly with heads down eating, but occasionally lifting their heads for decent head shots like this one. (7D2, 100-400 @ 312, 1/500 s, f/10, iso 800, steadied on the window ledge)


Wonderful closeup – perfect light, great pose with such nice detail! The mouthful of food is icing on the cake.

What a formidable creature! Those horns are a testament to his battles and victories. Super details and great catch with that tongue. I had no idea Bighorns had gray tongues.

Beautiful composition dominated by those horns - would it be worth it/possible to add a bit of BG to the right as to my eye it’s a bit tight there? Still, a wonderful close-up, Mark.

Excellent dinner portrait. Great look at the horns, too.

Great subject beautifully captured!
I find the texture of horns very fascinating, so just wondering if you could selectively blur the BG behind horns to increase that effect?

Mark, I finally had a minute to catch up on things overall. This is a wonderful take on this Bighorn. Those HUGE battering ram horns are totally functionally too. As a kid my grandparents lived in an area that you could here the males butting heads and the noise echoing off the canyon walls was almost deafening at times.

This is a great close-up of a Bighorn Ram, Mark! It definitely looks like he’s been around for a while, based on the curl and condition of his horns. Clarity, color and exposure are excellent and the grass in it’s mouth is a bonus for me. I wouldn’t change a thing for this shot!