Birefringent Critter #1

We had an overnight ice event Sunday so I went looking for birefringent ice and found this “critter” in the ice at the edge of a shallow pond. (a 14 shot stack, tripod, 2 s timer and polarizer)

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That Critter does look like a frog. I love your ice images, Mark. They work for me as landscapes or abstracts, or both. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me the colors make this one. Such a rich variety of colors too. Also, nice work on the focus stack.

Mark, another super find here. Might be the best of your ice images to date, but there are several past ones that would be hard to separate out as the top image in the end also. I do see the frog impression as well… :sunglasses:

Another stunning ice abstract Mark.Wonderful mix of colors and shapes.

Mark, the Ice Man! Your ice images are just outstanding. Who would have thought that ice could look like this.

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Definitely an abstract minimalist watercolor look to this one, Mark. Love the patterns and colors.