Black crowned night heron

black crowned night heron at a local wildlife refuge. there’s usually around 20 of them sleeping in the thick marsh grass just out of range, but i was lucky enough to shoot this one closer to the road.
sony a7r iv and 200-600mm @ 600mm
1/800, f/8, iso 1000. bean bag on the car door.

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It is nice to see one out in the open. We get a few wintering here but they tend to spend the day deep in some bushes and trees. I like the nice clean look of the bird with a full side view. Nice and sharp and well exposed. The bird is a bit centered in frame but I don’t think cropping from right side would work very well. Good for you to get such a nice look.

Excellent color, color contrast, and detail on the heron. I am a real fan of rule of thirds with most avian images so I would have less space on the right. Very pleasing BG. Nice eye.

A great shot of this Black Crowned Night Heron, Loki. They don’t always give you that open look that you have here. It would be nice to off center him a bit, but I can see where the limbs coming into the right side of the frame would probably then have to be cloned out. As they are now, they add to the environment nicely, so, I think, if it were my image, I would leave it like it is. Wonderful details.

Good detail in the heron and I like the perch as well.