Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar



I have been blessed with a few caterpillars in our flower garden. I saw 4 to start with, but now only 3, one of them is much smaller and appears to be more white/black/yellow, rather that green. It rained some here yesterday, so as soon as it quit, I ran out with my camera and captured this first shot. Love that I did manage to get some refractions in the droplets on him, even at HH.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything you think would improve the images.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Shot with Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 100 mm L f2.8 macro lens with NiSi filter, KX-800 twin flash with diffuser. Settings all manual at f20/f22, 1/200, ISO 640. Edited in LR and Topaz AI Clear. Almost full frame on each image.


Fantastic series, Shirley. Love this all of them and especially the one with the rain drops. The detail in all four images are spot on and the composition show how this little lady seems to be on the move. How fun for you to have these wonderful creatures on your own yard. Very nicely done.

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Wow! What a beautiful series! I just love the colors and the details are amazing! As much as I like the first one with the rain drops, I think the 2nd one is my favorite with her reaching her face out towards you! It’s really a cute pose. They are beautiful!

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This is a nice series of a black swallowtail caterpillar. I like the third one the best which has the best background of the series. Lighting is perfect in all photos…Jim

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Shirley: Marvelous series with the varied poses and environments. I’m a little partial to the great details in the first shot but like them all. We had a pretty good crop of these fellows about three or four weeks ago but I’ve not posted one yet. You’ve motivated me. Well done. >=))>

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Shirley, this is a great series. The water drops in #1 are special and the “searching” in #2 is a standard but hard to catch behavior. It’s also nice that you still have 3 out of the 4. I don’t know what happens, but I see numerous especially smaller caterpillars that disappear after just a few days, when they’re still way too small to pupate. I had 4 very small Monarch caterpillars and 3 eggs on a few small Milkweed plants that I mowed around in my yard in the middle of last week and zero now!!

Thank you, @linda_mellor, @Vanessa_Hill, @Jim_Zablotny, @Bill_Fach and @Mark_Seaver for your kind comments and your time to view as well. Mark, I haven’t seen any of them since Saturday, I think. I looked for them good yesterday, and no signs of them. It was fun watching them, and I was looking forward to the other processes, but it doesn’t look good. Not sure what happened to them.