Bloodroot after the rain

Our house sits on a North facing slope. I was thinking that our woods were lacking native ephemerals, but have recently learned that we’re one week to two weeks behind nearby (~10 miles) South facing slopes. (R5, 180 mm macro, 1/60 s, f/13, iso 800, tripod, 8 shot stack)

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Amazing how micro-climates can be so different even though they are in close proximity. I’ve done barrel tasting at wineries and you can tell the difference between the juices of the same grape planted on different sides of the hill. Of course you have to do it side-by-side, but when you do, you can tell.

I like the little catchlight in the water drop. The background is a tad distracting, but it was wet and that comes through. Thank the technology gods for stacking - it’s the only way to get that marvelous leaf and the bud in focus!