Blue eyed Mary

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Canon EOS R, Sigma 150mm 2.8 macro, tripod, remote release

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Nice capture of one of the truly blue spring wildflowers. The OOF flower is a rather noticeable distraction which you could have moved aside before you shot this. BTW this is one of the very few Spring wildflowers that is an annual.

John: I don’t see much or any motion blur. I do wish for a touch more DOF but I understand completely the compromises we have to make with SS and f-Stop. Nice find and a fine capture.>=))>

Hi Bill, thank you for your kind comments. Since the day I took the photo we have had either strong winds or rain, or both!

John, what lovely flower. I agree with Skip’s comment about th OOF flower. I wonder what it would look like if you clone the brown leave in the bottom left out of the photo.

The flower is a wonderful find, with excellent DOF and detail. I could wish the OOF partial bloom in the foreground were gone.

Thank you for your comments Phil, I always look forward to seeing these in the spring. I agree with you about the OOF bloom, but hard to find a single one. Hope to try again tomorrow.

I didn’t notice any motion blur and the DOF is fine. I like that you moved in close enough to see the detail in a wildflower that is quite tiny. I agree about moving the distracting other petals away. Also you might want to move the subject off of dead center.

Hi John
The main flower is very well done. That darn other one that is OOF distracts unfortunately as others have pointed out. I don’t know if you carry a bit of gardeners tie backs with you in the field but if you don’t they are worthwhile in a situation like this - if you can position them so you can get to one flower. They are purchased in a roll, are plastic about 3/4 inch wide, green in color, soft and do not hurt the flower. You can tie loosely and then release when done.

Thank you Kathy for your comments and suggestion. I didn’t know such tie backs existed. My problem, at this time in my life is getting down low enough to use them! In spite of our wet and windy weather of late, I did get out for another go with the Blue eyed Mary’s. Will post another one soon.

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