Blue Hour in the Rockies

This is a shot from the popular Bear Lake. We spent some time in Colorado last weekend searching for Fall colors knowing we would be a little early, but didn’t realize how far behind everything was this year so we shot some other things that didn’t rely on color. I really wasn’t a fan of this area during the bad light during the day (and the crazy amount of people) and didn’t want to stay but I’m glad we did because after the sun set it was a different place.

This was a combination of 3 exposures, 1 base blue hour exposure, 1 just a hair later for the stars to be more apparent, and one with a faster shutter speed for the reflection and finished off with luminosity mask adjustments and dodge/burning



Beautiful image, Cody, lovely nigh time color and beautifully composed.

Thank you very much!

Exquisite Cody! Well done.

Thanks John, I appreciate it!

Cody: I can’t remember how many times I’ve stood in this place but always in daylight. This gives me some ideas for the next visit. Superbly crafted image. >=))>

Really nice color tone Cody… beautiful result, no doubt. Cheers