Blueberry leaves in autumn

Technical details: Pentax K5, Sigma APO DG 4/100-300mm @138mm, 1/15 s, f6.3

In the vicinity of this moor, large plantations of cultivated northern highbush blueberries are found. The birds love the fruit even more than the we do, and they have carried the seeds to the moor.
The leaves already start to show strong autumn colors in September, long before the rest of the vegetation. I decided to focus on the birch trees so the blueberries are mainly colorful shapes behind the trees.
I always loved this period, but this image can’t be reproduced, since the Forestry Agency sees the blueberry as an undesired, invasive species and has tried to wipe them out. Most cultivators produce seedless varieties at the moment, but a few oldfashioned berries can start this “plague” all over again. So there is hope :wink:

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Han, I like this image a lot, your processing has given it a very painterly feeling. The soft light here is wonderful, and it really lets the red and green colors stand out. Nicely done…

Great balance of tones and colour, very textural. I feel this would print very nicely!

Han, this is a really nice assortment of reds with the rest. I particularly like how the trees work in the comp. That’s interesting back story about the blueberries.

Beautiful. A wonderful look and feel to this image. It does look like it would make a great looking print.


Gorgeous! Love this very much. Already mentioned, but I’ll repeat - very painterly.


Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Glad you like it.

Han, you’ve got a fine mix of colors set off well by the old, twisted tree trunks. I really like the realistic bands of color in the grass, blueberries and background trees.

A truly beautiful and serene scene, with a definite impressionist feeling to it. Very nicely done - and I fully sympathize with your feelings about certain “plagues”.:neutral_face:

A beautiful “artistic” image, Han! The horizontal bands of colors (blueberries & grasses) in contrast with the sharp, vertical tree trunks makes for a pleasing visual. It has a very peaceful feel also. Something worth framing and hanging!