Bohinj Woods, Slovenia (my first NPN share in about a decade!)

It is great to be back on NPN!

NPN was SO important in my growth as a photographer in the early 2000’s. I met many of my friends, colleagues and mentors here and can’t place a value on what I learned. The Photo Cascadia team wouldn’t have formed without NPN. This is where I read Tony Kuyper’s original article on using luminosity masks back in 2006. I didn’t know it at the time, but that article would eventually have big impacts on my photography and career. There are no words to describe how important this community has been to me. I’m so thankful that David and Jennifer have taken on the massive task of running this forum and revitalizing it.

…and the photo? It’s a just forest scene in the fog from Lake Bohinj in Slovenia that I like but my real purpose was simply to share something so I could say hi and also mention how glad I am that the NPN community is alive and growing. Cheers!

Canon 5DIV, 24-70mm f/2.8 L Mark II, polarizer, 2 seconds, f/16, 42mm, ISO 100.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

I love that your team started on a forum like this. How cool it is that things can turn out that way. Thanks for the reminder about NPN, Sean! Glad to be giving it a shot.

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Hi Sean,

Good to see you hanging about and posting here. Welcome back. Nice image, too!!Great ethereal mood to it.

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Good to see you back here, Sean. Lovely, moody image.

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Hey Sean, first off, beautiful shot, balance of tone and colour is spot on.
I appreciate a lot about this platform but in particular that it puts relatively new photographers (I’m 22 Y/O) in contact and able to receive criticism, help and a deeper understanding from those much more experienced.
I hope more ‘Photo Cascadia’s’ come out of NPN.


@Michael_McGee Hey Michael…I fully agree. I checked out your posts. Your seascapes are spectacular! Wish I had that kind of skill when I was 22. Keep getting after it!

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Gorgeous “1st post” Sean! Great to see an image post from you.

No doubt Tony has had a great influence for many of us; certainly for me. Reminds, me one of these days I’ll need to upgrade from the TK panel v4… I think I’ll have to employ some of your tutorials to do so. :smile:

Beautiful image. Welcome back!


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I too am really glad to see you back here, and what a fantastic image!

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@Lon_Overacker - Wow! Great to hear from you. Have you stayed active on NPN since the good old days?

Sean I love the sense of depth and mystery contained in this image. It’s an autumn image, but to me it’s not really about the fall color. Rather it’s the the warm/cool, light/dark and sharp/soft contrasts that are fantastic. It’s nice to see you back here at NPN.

Whoa, sweet light and mood displayed on this beauty, Sean. You nailed the precessing; which I guess one would expect from your talent level!
It is great to see you and Tony lurking on this revised site. Both of you have been such an inspiration too many of us with your photo editing videos and articles.

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Fantastic light and mood Sean. Glad to see you are back!

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Hi @Ken_Henke ! Many thanks. Great to be back on the newly revitalized NPN!

@Eva_McDermott -Hi! Great to hear from you. Long time. Hope you are well. :slight_smile:

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Sean, I remember those early years on NPN too. I absolutely love this picture. For me when forest / wooded scenes are done this well they are just a pleasure to view. Beautiful work!

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Big thanks @Nick_Bristol! Ahh…the good old days. :smiley:

I would love to get a forest scene this beautiful once a decade!

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Me too! Hi @Kah-Kit_Yoong! :smiley:

Lovely photo, practically perfect. While we are passing kudos around, thank you and Tony for your contributions in using luminosity masks. I use them in almost every photo I process.

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Beautiful image, Sean. Love the composition and the light and colors are wonderful in this wooded scene. Just came back for another look and enjoyed it even more!