Bond Falls

This week I had to deliver a few metal prints to a gallery in Bayfield WI which is right on Lake Superior. I spent a few extra days checking out how the falls colors were doing. They have started and look promising for nice color in a couple of weeks now. I will be heading out on my fall photo trip at that time. I stopped by Bond Falls in Upper MI to see how it was looking and I made this picture while I was there. I shot it in early afternoon light in somewhat overcast conditions but it was still quite bright. I used a CPL and 6 stop ND filter so that I could get a longer shutter speed. I left the shadows pretty dark which was my plan from the start for the look I wanted.
Canon 5DMK4, 16-35 F/4 L, ISO 50, F/14, 4.0 sec. CPL and 6 stop ND.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

Nick, it’s magnificent. Usually I tend to prefer some detail rather than silky water, but WOW, this is exceptional! Because the cascades are far enough in the distance as to provide really fine detail on their own. Beautifully executed indeed!

Bill, Thanks so much and so glad you liked it. I agree with you and usually would prefer a 1/2 to 1 second exposure with water but in this case just enjoyed how this one came out. Cheers, Nick

Nick, this has a lovely richness to it with the dark rocks and deep shadows contrasting with the whites of the water. I particularly like how the diagonal placement of the rock ledge directs me to the main section of falls. I see the first hints of autumn in those trees.


We can all go back and forth and have our opinions on silky water… for me, the long exposures like this has it’s place and for this scene is just the right application. The vertical patterns coming off the top of all the rock really stand out. Love the effect and again works beautifully with this scene.


Nice shot Nick. It’s amazing how many layers of cascades this waterfall has. I like how you composed the diagonal lines of the rocks in the foreground, they just pull you into the cascades in the mid-ground.

I hope you make it back to this location when the fall colors are rocking, this spot must be spectacular at peak color.

Thanks guys!
Ed, I will be back up in that area in a couple of weeks with hopes of nice color. When the colors are peak it really is a beautiful place.