This was a really interesting area along the creek where I made the richly colored ground cover images. It was a boulder field next to the creek, about 50 yards long and 20 yards wide, with nothing but these. I am not sure I have ever seen this before. It was fun wandering around it trying to find an abstract composition (and making sure not to break an ankle).

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

D810, Tokina 24-70

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I am lichen this. It is an interesting abstract with great detail. You might consider burning the upper right corner just a bit. The lichen really carry this, and the nearly consistent shapes of the boulders work very well. Color and contrast look good to me.

This one’s not doing it for me Harley.

I like the textures and sort-of-repeated shapes of the boulders. If I had to offer a suggestion it would be to increase the contrast a bit, to make it look less “flat”. The details is great as it is, though.

I think this is one of those images that you do not really appreciate until you open the large version and get to savor all the details and textures in the lichen covered boulders, Harley. My only suggestion would be just a bit more contrast, but that is just a personal taste. Great eye to isolate this section of rocks.

Harley, I’m really liking this too (Preston made the best pun, so I’ll leave it at that…) Here we have a great example where there is no main subject, anchor per se - the image is a collective whole; the story is the uniformity and I really like the grouping you’ve isolated. Of course there are many crops within crops to satisfy all our nitpicks… mine, lighter green lichens LLC draw my eye, very minor.

Viewing this a couple of times, I discovered there is a place that my eye can rest and go home to. Just below center/middle there are two rocks, that aren’t like the others; flat and triangle shaped. Plus the dark shadow around them - places where marmots appear from, etc… I like that little area to anchor the scene a little bit. I think there might be a square crop coming from that, but given the possibilities it will all depend on what you prefer - and of course you’ve already made a choice!

Great stuff, although as sometimes gets said around here, might perhaps best be displayed in a series with other similars…