Bow Lake Morning

Last year in mid-September I took a trip to Banff NP in Alberta Canada. I spent several enjoyable mornings shooting in the Bow Lake area. This image was taken near the south end of Bow Lake, far away from the crowds at the north end of the lake near the Num Ti Jah Lodge. I like how the shadowed mountain helped to emphasize the sunlit trees and mist on the water. The up and down pattern of the spruce trees reminds me of charts of stock market price performance ( I used to work in finance :grin:)

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any critique or comments are welcome.

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Really enjoy this one Ed. The mist gives a nice calming effect. I like the arrangement of trees and the side lighting on the trees and mountainside adds a nice touch. Initially I thought it had a slight CW rotation, but a grid proves otherwise. No nits or suggestions from me.

Love the sidelight in this image Ed. The trees are just lighting up on the left sides and so is that hill up top. There is just enough fog over the water to give this great atmosphere. What really stands out to me is the varying height of all the trees. Nice capture. Can’t think of anything to help this image.

Beautifully seen! All said above – wonderful sidelight and a gorgeous BG for the trees. The mist is perfect! If you are into B/W this could be wonderfully interpreted that way also.


Not much to add, except I really like the depth created with the distant mountain slope. That really aids in emphasizing the up and down pattern of the spruce trees. I always find it interesting how we can associate images with other things.

@Michael_Lowe @David_Haynes @Diane_Miller @Alan_Kreyger thanks to you all for your comments, I’m glad that you enjoyed the image. The best part of making this image was that a short, but steep hike on an informal trail brought me to the south shore of the lake. I was all by myself, and I had a more peaceful experience than I would have had at the north end where the tourist hordes had gathered.

Mike, I had to check this shoreline myself several times before I submitted it, but it is level :grin:

Splendid! The light on the trees and the mist make it all… And I also get the feeling of the calm joy you should have felt. I also enjoyed your stock market analogy. To add upon it, is the mist coming from the hapazard human behavior?..

Nice Ed,

The tonal separations make this image for me. Interestingly the fog has neutralised the cyan colour of the lake which can be quite saturated at bow lake.