Boys Will Be Boys

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I keep seeing turkeys in our area and this time of year they are vying for the girl’s attentions. These were two of 5 toms that were fighting, and chasing each other around. I lost the ability to find all of the technical details of it but I can say it was shot with my D500, Nikon 2-500 lens, hand held, auto ISO, AI Clear, cropped

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Turkeys look very good, nice iridescence and colors in the heads. But it seems like something funky is going on here. I don’t know how you could have this much DoF, even at 200mm. Almost the entire rear bird is in focus, which seems impossible. Also, the focus on the grass behind the rear bird falls off quickly, but the trees much further on are still somewhat in focus. That does not seem possible either. Finally, there appear to be some cloning marks or something in the upper left. Is this a composite of both the background and the second bird?

Excellent depth of field, Dave to get two such large birds both in clear focus. I like the leg position of the lead bird and wish the rear bird had a similar angle,though a close look does reveal the running posture. Very nice work.

Great title, Dave! Fun stuff.

Beautiful colors. There seems to be a little loss of detail in the whites on the bird’s heads. Maybe some motion blur on the second head. I like the separation you got with them and their relative positions. It’s not easy following these guys doing this! I would like to see a bit more canvas on the right but I’m guessing you were eliminating something else that got in the frame.

Okay, it’s confession time. The toms, and the grassy area are one shot. The background has been replaced because there was an unwanted part of a neighbor’s house in it. I took the background shot at around the same time of day, roughly the same direction, and focused at where the birds would’ve been originally, same settings. I used Topaz ReMask 5 to mask the foreground. The foreground is all original, no manipulating, and no cloning in the background. There, I feel better… Confession is good for the soul.