Breakneck Ridge & other photos for Mark

I took this a couple years ago ago in March. This is coming down at the end of the day, from the first summit of this climb. My main focus was trying to capture the Turkey Vultures soaring around. I would regularly be running up and down the rocks to get into the perfect position to capture them.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 1250
Cropped to 16x9
Had to adjust exposure, shadows,contrast


Vanessa, the TV above the rocks nicely positioned. The two big rock triangles and the scattering of trees in the middle are interesting elements. The lack of detail in the bird and the all white sky have some graphic power, but I’m not attracted. I think cutting cropping from the left to the rock peak, to remove those branches would be good. Getting a shot like this to work is about choosing and positioning the elements in the picture. While the bird’s position is mostly luck, the positions of the rocks and trees are controlled by where you stand.

Hello @Mark_Seaver maybe you didn’t see this part of my story but just so you know, Breakneck Ridge is my favorite place because there’s TV’s there. I understand that for someone who has never been here aesthetically this isn’t pleasing but maybe you like one of the other photos I got better, I just didn’t want to post them all and bore you! And getting the TV in the frame wasn’t luck, getting the cliffs and trees was luck! …

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