Bringing order

I have a very difficult time with small scenes of aspens. There is usually some much chaos and difficult to bring some order. I love the angulation of the aspens in this image but wondering if the solitary aspen brings the order and contrasting element.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

To me the young aspen is a nice supporting element for the rest of the cluster. It does provide some nice contrast. One minor suggestion–you might consider cropping up from the bottom a bit to remove the partial flower(?) along the bottom edge in the middle.

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I like the inclusion of the one young tree. I might crop a little from the bottom and the right side, and maybe brighten up the tree barks to be more white than grey.

I really like the crisscrossing aspens and the pop of color from the young tree and I agree with cropping a little from the bottom. I think the darks are too dark for my taste. Darkening the green leaves to make the yellow pop makes sense but they look black on my screen.
I would bring up the darks just enough so they don’t look black and still have detail.

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Wonderful in several ways. First, absolutely this comes across as “order from chaos.” Love those opposing diagonals of the criss-cross boles and yes, the lone tree with the yellow leaves anchors this wonderful aspen scene perfectly.

I would agree with the other comment about the darks - and they do look like black - and without detail; makes the viewer (me) trying to figure out if they’re dark green leaves, or perhaps something else. Hard to say without seeing the RAW what you were dealing with, but if you’re inclined you might try and bring up those darks. I like the contrast, but somehow those blacks just seem to detract; and scattered throughout which leads me to think it was processed to this effect?

Huge upside to this image. A wonderful find and great job crafting the composition.


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In the tradition of A. Adams, great work with aspens! The bit of colored foliage well-placed. I held my hand over the bottom inch or so (on the screen) and wondered what if a crop were applied to abstract the image more, to take away the anchor of the ground and suspend the trunks and leaves in the air for a pattern. Just a thought, not necessarily “the right way” at all. Many ways are fine for expressing ourselves.

Thank you @Glenn_Tunaley @Lon_Overacker @kerry4 @DeanRoyer @Ronald_Murphy for your comments and suggestions. I did reduce the blacks. I had actually processed them that way but agree…too much.