Broad Leaf Lupine, Lupinus latifolius

Water droplets provided by our great Pacific Northwest weather. Bald Mountain, Mt. Hood National Forest, 6/18/19.

Canon 5D MKIV, 100mm macro, ring flash
1/200, f/29 ISO 200

Any comments are appreciated.

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That is very cool! Do you have one with a bit more room for the lowermost petals? It feels a bit crowded to me on the bottom. Still, this is really interesting.

Don, I absolutely love this image. I’m usually not a fan of black backgrounds, but it this case the background just creates such a luminous look on the lupine, it’s bold look that works well for me. The water drops and spider webs also take this image up several notches. And the colors of the lupine are just gorgeous, great processing on your part. This one is a real winner !!!

I thought this was jewelry at first! Exquisite!

Don: One MUST view this large to get the full impact of the exquisite details. My first impression from the thumbnail was underwhelming but the image gets better and better as it gets bigger. Top notch. >=))>

A very beautiful image, Don. It took me a bit to get over the Lupine idea and start viewing it primarily fof the water, then I really started to enjoy it.