Broad Spectrum

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G-II @ 230mm
ISO 200, 1/40 @ f16
Spent a few days with one of our sons and his family in Scottsdale and found this on the Cave Creek Trail just a few miles north of town. I spent a lot more time watching my two granddaughters but still got in a shot or two. I especially liked the colors and textures in the rock. All comments welcome. >=))>

Bill, i like the colors and textures in the rocks, and I think it makes for an interesting intimate landscape scene. You have some nice warm / cool color contrast going on here. There is also a nice subtle small touch of green in the LRC. I also like the asymmetric composition with the placement of that rock in the URC.

My only suggestion would be to reduce texture and or clarity a bit, for my taste it would benefit from that. I live back east, but in my travels in the southwest I’ve found that the rocks and stones there already have a lot of texture, and adding more clarity doesn’t always help.

I am enjoying the colors, textures and lines, but it feels on the overexposed side to me. Dial it back a ways and perhaps back off the sharpening a bit?

Sounds as though you were able to get some quality time in with the family and still capture some images, Bill! I do like the color palette and the textures in this rock landscape. My only suggestion would echo @Harley_Goldman and @Ed_McGuirk about backing off just a little with the clarity or sharpening as the rock appears a little crunchy. The diagonal fissure in the rock face does a nice job of directing me through the image. Great eye to spot this.

You have a nice blend of pastel color here. I too would dial back on the texture and clarity. I am a fan of intimate landscapes.