Broken Top Mountain crater

Broken Top Mountain shot from another mountain that we hiked up thinking “that doesn’t look bad”. We were wrong. :joy:

Shot with a sony A6000 converted to 720nm infrared.


I like the tonality of this, Bruce - very nicely composed too.

Shot from South Sister? The infrared rendition really makes the lights pop while keeping the dark rocks dark and the blues black. Nicely captured and processed.

Hey Bob, I shot this from the smaller mountain top just SE of broken top. I’m a big fan of the quality and apparent dynamic range I can get from IR. But never been a big fan of the typical IR look.

Bruce—I find my greatest use of IR is with B&W. The effect with color images I find to be clownish and unbelievable. Each to his own.

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Totally agree. I like the added apparent dynamic range I can get out of IR in BW.