Brown Paper Wasp

Am still shooting from in and around home. The Paper wasps are at on the cactus plant.
6DII. 70-200 F4L, F 25, Raynox, Flash /Diffuser

Balan Vinod

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome

Technical Details

Balan, wonderful lighting and details. I could see this as a vertical image. or at least some cropped off from the right side and maybe a tiny bit off the top to remove that little tiny bit of cactus that is on the right side of the perch that seems cut off. I really like how you managed the light, captured such details, and that pose he gave you. Great job!

Fantastic detail, Balan. I do agree with @Shirley_Freeman about cropping a bit. Very nicely done.

Very nice, Balan. I like how you have the end of the item the wasp is hanging on.

super detail and I really like the tucked in pose - antennae included! Lovely colors and modeling with the light source. I watched a few videos about flash and nature photography so more will be in my future and I hope to get some nice results like this. I agree that cropping slightly might bring better focus to this gorgeous wasp. Lately I’ve been favoring 4:5 ratio and would play with that, especially to just cut out the dark bump at the top of its perch. Quite lovely.

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