Bryce Canyon Utah - Sunset Point

Bryce Canyon shot in February this year. I arrived at this iconic spot and there was almost no visibility with it snowing hard. Twenty minutes later the clouds lifted and the sun broke through for a few minutes. The light glancing the fresh powder caught my attention.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any. I’m finding my way in abstract photography.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Iso 100, 156mm, f7.1, 1/500s

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Nathan, I would never have known this was Bryce unless you had mentioned it. Successful abstract images often do a good job of disguising scale and/or context, it adds a sense of mystery to the image. And I think your image certainly has accomplished that here. I like the processing, you have maintained detail and texture in the snow, and I like the slightly cool white balance. I like this as presented, nice work !!

Just gorgeous play of lines and textures, Nathan, with a lovely bluish tonality in the shadows. If you’re finding your way in abstract work I don’t think you’ve much further to go !!!

Gorgeous. Tonality is spot on here, Nathan. It’s very hard for me not to like this. It is delicate and dynamic. My only wish is for the hump closest to us to be in focus.

I love the soft “folds”. Are you certain this isn’t White Sands? :slight_smile:

Bryce after a deep fresh snow is magical. I have only experienced it once. Getting there was “memorable”. I thought we might be sleeping in the car overnight.

Thanks guys,

@Bill_Pelzmann it’s definitely snow. It was a very cold afternoon.

I was thinking of increasing the contrast on this image but decided to leave like captured. I think I’ll print this one to see how it translates

Nathan, this is definitely not the usual view of Bryce. The many layers of steeply sloping snow look great.

This works beautifully for me as is, Nathan. The larger version is particularly striking with the textures in the snow and those diagonals add some nice visual tension to this abstract scene. What I am thoroughly enjoying about this is it could have been taken anywhere. Great eye to spot and isolate this section of Bryce.

Nailed the composition and just the right amount of contrast in presentation.

I agree with much of what has been said above. At first I thought, no way this is Bryce, but the snow explains it all. It looks like a dune shot, but of course, the dune texture isn’t there. Nice job creating a truly unique image of an iconic location.


Absolutely love this! Kudos to you on the processing and holding yourself back on the extra contrast. The soft folds in the snow go right along with the soft contrast. Yet, there is some great detail and texture in the snow.

The only wish I had is in line with Adhika’s comments about the closest fold of snow. The detail and texture throughout the rest of the image is excellent and quite wonderful. I think you have an option to perhaps crop from the bottom and not lose the impact and presentation. Of course a matter of taste…

Beautifully seen and captured image. I’d say doing quite well in your pursuit of some nature abstracts.


Thanks all.

In hindsight I would have got the tripod out and focus stacked this shot. At the time I chose to hand hold and move quickly as my hands were freezing.

I should learn to suffer for the shot! :grinning: