Bubbles and Ripples #1 & 1b

This is a look at the outflow from the 8" high cascade of water flowing into my pond. The colors are from fallen leaves and algae on the bottom of the pond. The challenge is to get a fast enough shutter to keep the bubbles and the ripples reasonably sharp while having enough dof to minimize the change in sharpness across the frame. (R5, 100-500 @ 270, 1/250 s, f/18, iso 6400, tripod)

@Alfredo_Mora , your suggest of more mid-tone contrast got me thinking… I didn’t want the extra saturation that Adobe includes if you use a “normal” blending mode layer, but I could get more contrast without a major change in saturation by doing a curves layer and setting its blending mode to luminosity. The extra contrast shows off the ripple structure much better, with minimal change in the colors.

Extra mid-tone contrast:

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Mark, I think you met the challenge just fine. I can see your reflection in some of the bubbles! Such a neat photo with all the colors and shapes in this lovely image.

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Mark, another fine take away from your collection of pond images. I’m not sure I recall the bubbles being a big portion of the attraction in your previous posts as much as this scene. They sure add another dynamic to your quest for uniqueness on these images. Works very nicely for me as presented… :sunglasses:

Mark, nicely done! The image has a nice distribution of bubbles. I like the warm orange and brown colors and the swirls. You could add a bit of mid tone contrast if you like to give the image a little more punch.

Mark…1b for sure… :nerd_face:


This has a great, “primordial” look and feeling to this - like it’s the swamp we all originated from … :slight_smile:

Terrfic job with getting the detail in the bubbles while retaining enough dof. I think the balance you’ve achieved is just right - I think the bubbles being a little sharper keeps the attention there, and the rest of the pond is merely a supporting element - all of which is working together beautifully.

The repost? nails it. Thanks for taking the time to rework an post. Well seen and presented.


Gorgeous!! All said above – the added contrast in the RP is wonderful!

Wow, Mark, nicely seen and captured. I like the variety of bubble sizes and locations, and the leaves provide a nice, muted, pastel background.