Bubbles On Top

2ND edit

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments are welcome.
I need to calibrate my monitor.
The image looks great in LR but when I post to NPN they seem to be coming out with more contrast.
How does this look to you?

OK. Seems like I had two sets of software having a go at each other on my Dell. i1Studio vs ccStudio.
I deleted one so hopefully this will sort it out.

Think I actually prefer the first one.

Technical Details

1/1250 f/4.5 ISO100

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Oh yes, the first one. So dramatic. The drama is lost (for me, anyway) in the second where you brought up the water.

Thanks for the feedback Bonnie.

This is a very beautiful image. I must agree with @Bonnie_Lampley, I like the original. The dark moody colors in the water and sky really draw me in. The cloud bank in the BG gives contrast. Great job Andre!

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Thanks for the feedback Donna.

A great dynamic and dramatic moment. The sky in the first picture could work in the latter. However, lower is more functional lighting for me. If you just cut a little from the top and the right, could it condense the expression?

Andre, I am definitely going with the first edit. The dark tones scream drama and force. It is nature showing how powerful it is. I have to say that the darker green in the ocean is mesmerizing in the first edit. What a marvelous moment you captured!

Thanks for the comment Egidio.

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