Budding Beauties

Spotted these two hibiscus buds right outside the back door this morning and thought they were worthy subjects. Just as I started doing the processing of the first image a rain shower came through so I shot them again after the rain. Any preference? All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Image 1
Minolta 100mm macro
ISO 800, 1/20 @ f8

Image 2
Minolta 100mm macro
ISO 400, 1/10 @ f11

I like the first one for the colors, Bill. But I appreciate the water droplets on the second one. Still if I had to vote it would be for the first one. Love the tone.

Both are lovely, Bill. Must admit I like the second one just a bit more, precisely because of the rain droplets. For me, they add interest and life. What a wonderful view right outside your back door. Very nicely done.

The rain drops settle it for me, too. Both are wonderful, but the drops carry the day.

I’d love to see the BG of 1 behind image 2 …in an ideal world. I too would choose the clarity and droplets of 2, but it’s a tough choice!

Beauties, both! I love the droplets but do like the softer tonalities of the first one. I wonder how the second one looks with the highlights slider brought down, if it isn’t already at its limit.